Crawl on the rocks at Mt. Kalugong

Do you hear the mountains calling you? Do you often get caught in a thought of climbing the steep ridges in the country? You can start here. There are a lot of mountains to conquer here in the province of Benguet. Among the most popular are Mt. Pulag in Kabayan, Mt. Ulap in Ampucao, and Mt. Purgatory in Bokod.

If you feel afraid because you never had climbed any mountain before, don’t worry. Start small, and the two mountains fit for you stood in the neighboring town of Baguio. Between the two, Mt. Yangbew and Mt. Kalugong, the latter is easier.

Picnic Area


The picnic area reflects the Cordilleran culture. You can find traditional huts, swings, and benches that are nice for your Instagram goals. There are also cabins in which you can rent for a sleepover. Take note that there’s no pipe system there so you have to bring your own water.

Rock Formations

This will be the highlight of your experience. The peak of Mt. Kalugong poses as a huge limestone formation. You can dare climb on top of them to get a scenic view of La Trinidad and hop on rocks to rocks if you are brave enough. This spot is getting popular because of the extreme experience that you can get in minutes. Just be careful not miss your step!


Coffee shop

At the other end of the eco-park is a coffee shop. You may choose to climb the rock formations for that epic photos first and reward yourself a fancy coffee. Or you can head directly to the cafe to enjoy the scene and rustic ambiance.


Mt. Kalugong Kape-an


The rustic interior


Choco Latte


The stairway to the coffee shop

How to get there

From the vicinity of Baguio City Hall, ride a jeep going to Tomay. It will only take 35 minutes to reach the drop-off point going to Mt. Kalugong Eco-Park. Another 30-minute walk on a cemented trail passing a subdivision and will lead you to the entrance. There’s a fee of 100 pesos per head.


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