CNS II – Future female architect’s challenge for European graduate school

Q: Please, introduce yourself?

A: Hi, my name is Jessie from Taiwan. Recently, I have a plan to study abroad in the Netherlands for studying architecture, so I came to CNSⅡ to get the IELTS score, overall 6.5.

Q: Why did you choose to study in the Philippines especially CNSⅡ?

A: As far as I know, Filipinos are very good at English, and there are a lot of students from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, and Vietnam, who prefer to study English in this country. Furthermore, when I searched information on the Internet, I realized that CNSII is really famous for teaching IELTS. That is the reason why I chose this school. Now I believe that I did not regret my decision, for I really enjoy my life here in CNSⅡ.

Q: How about the learning atmosphere in CNS II?

A: Actually, the main purpose of all students in CNSII is getting their goal scores quickly, so everyone tends to be focused on their studies. They are willing to share their studying tips with each other for the improvement of English skills. What I want to say is that CNS Ⅱ’s learning atmosphere is quite friendly and cooperative.


Q: What is your plan after finishing the study in CNS II?

A: I will go back to Taiwan and apply for the master degree in Netherlands universities since Netherlands architectural education has a better reputation compared with that of countries such as Germany and Denmark. Furthermore, Netherlands people are well-known for welcoming a range of different international students. In addition, it is also one of the safest places in Europe, so I suppose that studying abroad in the Netherlands is really reasonable.

Q: Who is your best teacher in CNS II?

A: I think that all teachers in CNS II are IELTS experts. Among them, I prefer T. Carla who is my writing teacher because she is always enthusiastic in teaching, encourages me to express my ideas and give a chance to brainstorm a lot of ideas. Aside from that, she recognizes my weakness so as to improve my writing skills.

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