CNS JR – Interview with the Head Teacher

Hello! This is Teacher May and I am the head teacher of Junior CNS.

Our school educates youngsters and it is different in handling adults. Students have a diverse way of comprehending. We keep on enhancing our programs and curriculum.  So, we thought of coming up with new programs to address the needs of the students. Recently, we formed Special Class for the learners to cater not only their talents but also to enhance their abilities in many aspects.


Together with the establishment of Special Class, Jr. CNS presents another curriculum.

Jr. CNS wants to train students to be a storyteller and to be an effective speaker. During the second month of the students, they must read an English book. The student needs to grasp every important event in the story. Students must diligently practice being a storyteller.


Throughout the class, the pupil must understand the proper way of pronouncing the words, proper intonation and stress when telling a story. They can also use this as a practice ground to upscale their skills since it will be used for practical purposes.

With all these little changes in our curriculum, we want students to recollect what are the activities and what had they been doing for the span of time they engage themselves to something, we are giving out CNS Times to students before they go back home.

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