7 charming and underrated beaches of Zambales to visit right now

There is beauty in the ruins, but for the case of Zambales, in ashes. Since the historical eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991, the town of San Antonio has gone through a huge change. From a rocky coastline, it became interconnected coves and beaches that possess white sand and verdant trees, creating an indescribable charm. This skirt of the province of Zambales has become a hot spot for tourism.

Zambales is more than 5 hours from Baguio. The long journey, however, is truly rewarding when you reach the destination. Let us take a look at these beautiful paradises that will certainly make our hearts flutter in delight.

Anawangin Cove


It’s a great way to get off the grid for some time, fast from all the technological connections, and just have a quiet time by yourself or with your friends. Definitely, Anawangin is the place to be. All you have there are the mountains, the breeze, the beach and the tranquility. 

 – Sunstar, The tree-laden beach of Anawangin Cove

Pundaquit Beach

Known as a fishing village in the town of San Antonio in Zambales, Pundaquit finds its appeal in its quiet yet lively demeanor which lulls visitors to its shore. 

– Choose Philippines, 7 Picture Perfect Photos That Show How Simple Life Is In Pundaquit

Capones Island

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How about this sunrise to start our weekend getaway?

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Now, that’s a completely stunning view of a peninsula, the sky, and the vast expanse of the azure West Philippine Sea. We would gladly wake up to a view like this every day!

– Adrenaline Romance, Capones Island and Anawangin Cove: Jewels of Zambales

Nagsasa Cove


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There is really nothing much to do here except to take in Nagsasa’s beauty by walking along the shore, leisurely trekking around or up its hills, taking a dip in its clear, calm waters, or simply just savoring the view; there is no mobile signal here too. And these are what makes Nagsasa all the more appealing.

– Rappler, Breathtaking Nagsasa Cove, beauty from destruction

Camara Island



The island is home to a few trees and an occasional flock of seabirds. Its surrounding waters are clean and teaming with marine life which is why it is perfect to go snorkeling in it. 

 – The Backpack Adventures, Zambales: Camara Island

Silanguin Cove

While it bears many similarities with its neighbors, Silanguin is definitely the odd man out. While Nagsasa, Talisayin, and Anawangin are covered with volcanic ash, Silanguin is strewn with regular sand. It is not white-white. It’s not even beige. It is gray at best. But don’t judge the beach by its color. It has the most stunning backdrop. Reddish hills frame the cove, a stark contrast to their virid feet.

– The Poor Travelers, Silanguin Cove: Getting Hooked on Zambales

Talisayin Cove


Talisayin Cove is an ideal place for a quiet retreat away from the hustle and bustle of our daily existence.

– Lakwatsera de Primera, Talisayin Cove


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