Baguio: A City of Honest and Sincere Taxi Drivers

Unlike other cities in the country, Baguio has all the positive stories about taxi drivers. There are times that you can get scammed in Manila by drivers who will ask fare so much higher than usual and some won’t give your change no matter what the amount is. That never happens in Baguio.

The mountain city of Baguio has gone viral on social media for a lot of times, and its fame is not just about its beauty, festivities, and cold weather – it’s about the honesty of our taxi drivers, who makes your travel safe and fun.

News # 1


Photo by PTV News

Paul William is a taxi driver who returned a smartphone to the owner. According to Sofia Wisdom, the passenger, she left the phone inside the cab by accident. Using her phone’s son, she called her number and the phone kept ringing as if no was picking it up. After two hours, someone called from her own phone saying that she could retrieve it from a store near her house.

It turned out that Mr. William didn’t know how to use the modern phone. He left the phone ringing while he tried to go back to the owner’s house expecting someone to get the phone from him. When this didn’t go as he expected, he parked the taxi to a nearby store and asked someone to use the phone and call the owner, Sofia, who commended William’s virtue.

News # 2


Photo by Wow Cordillera

Like William, Renato Campos Hafalla returned the smartphone to the visitors hailing from Bacolod and Bohol, Xyrah Basillio and Carlo Matig-a.

Based on the police report, the iPhone 5S fell down without the attention of the passengers just as they rode off the cab. They immediately informed the police about the incident, taking note that someone named Renato Hafalla replied when they texted the number.

Without hesitation, Hafalla went to the station to personally hand the phone back. He received praises and admiration from the netizens.

News # 3


Photo by Pilipinas Popcorn

Perhaps the most famous of all is Regie Cabututan. According to a Facebook post shared by a businessman, his Australian friend, Trent Shields, left his baggage on a cab when he alighted Calle Uno Food Hub because of illness and lack of sleep. Thirty minutes after did Shields realize the baggage which contained his passport, MacBook Pro, Australian dollars’ worth P263,881 in pesos.

Just as Shields was about to file a police report, Cabututan came back to give back the luggage. Shields canceled his flight back to Australia to witness the ceremony the mayor of Baguio prepared for the Cabututan, who awarded the cab driver a Certificate of Scholarship, valued at Two Hundred Twenty Thousand Pesos (P220,000.00), to the six-month Coding Boot Camp at Vivixx Academy.

Cabututan is now a graduate of the coding program, guaranteed to have an internship with an Australian company, leading to a high-paying employment.

Because of these good histories of taxi drivers, Baguio continues to soar as a tourist-friendly destination. In fact, the city office also plans to make it an ordinance of a special commute for those that are drunk. The honesty of drivers is not limited to cabbies. Even jeepney drivers and vendors hold integrity and generosity. It is a city of kind people, whom you can comfortably get along.

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