Strawberry Fields Forever in La Trinidad

After the much-loved Panagbenga Festival comes another event that everyone should know. It takes place in the neighboring town which can be reached with few minutes of travel, La Trinidad. It is known as the Salad Bowl of the Philippines because the valley is home to a variety of vegetables. It is also known more popularly as the capital of strawberries. So, guess what? The month of March is for the Strawberry Festival.

The theme this year is “La Trinidad Strawberries Forever”. This is to give importance to the industry of strawberry farming, an economic source of the said town.


Photo by Oliver Liwan

The month-long festival includes 27 activities lined up for the celebration. Among them is the search of the biggest and sweetest strawberries. Local wine processors will also gather to showcase their products for the strawberry wine fair.

Moreover, the event does not solely exhibit the sweet fruit. There will also be a competition on floral arrangement featuring the wide variety of ornamental plants and flowers grown in the valley. A float parade likened to Panagbenga will also take place along with street dancing and drum and lyre exhibitions. Run for Amity, job fair, and indigenous games are also on the list of events.


Photo by Oliver Liwan


Photo by Oliver Liwan

The tradition of “owik” or butchering of animals as offerings to the gods for a good health, guidance, and good harvest is also a part of the programs. Locals and tourists may join the “Duting tan Dukto”, a practice where sweet potato with sweetened strawberry and a hot brewed coffee are served for everyone. This is a tradition to spread goodwill and positive energy to the people.

The mayor also sees the 37th Strawberry Festival inspire the locals to continue strawberry farming, citing how people shift to the commercial industry that converts the fields for high-rise buildings. He also looks forward to a more booming industry as the Japanese government gives their assistance for a year-round production.


Photo by Love Pilipinas

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