10 Waterfalls in Benguet You’ll Fall in Love With

It’s rainy season in the Philippines and what does it mean for you? Aside from the colder climate, you are blessed with water adventures!

The province of Benguet, where Baguio is, has a mountainous land feature and that means it possesses many rivers, creeks, canals, and falls. When it rains, water gets high that fill these water forms to the highest level. It makes the falls and rivers fuller! They become perfect subjects for your photography hobby or backdrops for your selfies.

Here’s a list for your itinerary:

1. Mangta Falls


Falls 1

Photo by benguet.gov.ph

You have to hike for about an hour from Poblacion, Bakun to reach this waterfall which also happens to be located in the foot of the mountain range that’s topped by Mt. Tenglawan. For thousands of years, the waterfall pounded on the solid rock below creating a small but deep pool of water. Swimming at the pool is not advisable during the rainy season as the waters turn into a churning cesspool of strong and dangerous currents. To get a full view of Mangta Falls, you need to make your way up Mt. Gedgedayan or Mt. Kabunian. You don’t have to climb all the way to the top. Just get to a point in the trail wherein you’re at least within eye-level with the falls.

– Daniel Feliciano, Cordilleran Sun

2. Tekip Falls


Falls 2

Photo by Dennis Balinhawang

The waterfall has its distinct character compared to the other waterfalls you have seen. Part of its rock drop-off tip above slightly protrudes and looked like a balcony that splits its falling waters. Then its falling waters are interrupted by a diagonal surface near its base which makes it even more unique.

– Ian, Pagnapagna

3. Bayocboc Falls

Tuel, Tublay

Falls 3

Photo by Cordilleran Sun

The municipality of Tublay is an hour away from Baguio, and the path to the scenic Bayocboc waterfalls is an adventure itself. From there, visitors have to walk for 20 minutes and pass through a hanging bridge, a grassy and woody path before you reach the Bayocboc waterfalls, which at a certain angle, looks like it is a living curtain.


4. Badi Falls


Falls 4

Photo by @badifalls.21

Badi falls is a newly found tourist destination in Sagubo, Kapangan. This was named by the locals of Sagubo. Accordingly, Badi is a type of fish that previously stays on that area. The trail leading to this beauty is a bit challenging, but its magnificence will cast your exhaustion away! You will be surely amazed by its magical beauty and rejuvenated by the cold water.

 – Ana Fe G. Diwas, Igorotage

5. Pattan Falls


Falls 5

Photo by  gregbalandijr@yahoo.com

The water here is not that strong but apparently, it grows dangerously strong during a typhoon. In fact, the hanging bridge which runs across just below it is a mangled mess of twisted metal and wires. It can be presumed that it got torn to pieces by the raging waters during a storm.

– Daniel Feliciano, Cordilleran Sun

6. Cooldown Falls


Falls 6.jpg

Photo by Cordilleran Sun

Just like Tekip Falls, this waterfall dries up to a trickle during the summer season. When we went there, it was April I think so there was no water. All that was left was a great pool of stagnant water at the foot of it. Nevertheless, this is a nice side trip for those who visit the Bengaongao and Paterno Caves in Ambongdolan. The waterfall is just a few minutes walk away from the entrance to Bengaongao Cave.

– Daniel Feliciano

7. Binanga Falls

Shilan, La Trinidad

Falls 7a

It is a small waterfall with about 15 to 20 feet drop. One of the locals said that it is also called Payogpog falls (this is also the name of the waterfalls farther upstream) and it is interchangeable with the other name Binanga falls as it lies along the Binanga river which is frequented by locals during weekends and holidays. Its waters were very cold as these days of the year were also among the coldest.

– Ian, Pagnapagna

8. Towing Falls


Falls 8

Photo by lagalabz.wordpress.com

There are many rock formations in the area to serve as the picnic or resting grounds. Just make sure to respect the nature and take all your wastes with you as you leave the place. The current is really fast so you must be extra careful of slippery stones or what not. Sitting on top of the cascade was a death-defying stunt— the shot was worth the horrifying experience.

– lagalabz.wordpress.com

9. Bridal Veils Falls


Falls 9a

The trek to Bridal Veils Waterfalls is virtually non-existent, so fear not, non-hiking buddies of mine. The starting point is just along Kennon Road. And from the highway itself, the waterfall is a mere minute walk away; through a metal hanging bridge with a sheer drop into the shallow Bued River below, that is. In fact, even with the short distance from the falls, not everyone decided to go. One look at the makeshift-looking bridge that connects Kennon Road to the waterfall is enough to make an acrophobic person grab tight to the nearest individual he’s with and madly scramble back towards the road. But it’s really not that hard to cross; the hanging bridge creaks and sways a bit, but it’s quite sturdy. Just be sure to hold tight at the handrails at its side and you’d be at the other end before you finish the shortest song you can think of. If, you don’t stop for the breathtaking vista that would unfold right before your eyes in the middle of the bridge.

– Christian Lucas Sangoyo

10. Colorado Falls


Falls 10.jpg

Photo by royd_andalis on Flicker

The Colorado  Falls in Tuba has been a favorite site of Baguio residents for some time now. Three giant falls drop into a natural pool almost 10 feet at its deepest. You could actually swim in Colorado Falls as the water is very clear and there are basic facilities in the area.

– Travel to the Philippines


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