WALES catering to TOEIC Students

WALES provides TOEIC package plans for who not only want to improve TOEIC score but also improve another English skill.

AIM: Help students increase their TOEIC scores
Goals: to attain the aim, the following are the objectives:

  1. To familiarize students with the specific areas of TOEIC
  2. To train and let them practice regularly
  3. To enhance their analytical skill for each subject

Beside from main subjects in TOEIC course which are Speaking, 2 Listening, 2 Reading, student can choose any subjects from ESL course. For example:

[TOEIC package plans]

TOEIC A – 1:1 5 hours

Speaking – Listening – Listening – Reading – Reading

TOEIC B – 1:1 6hours & Group 1hour

Speaking – Speaking – Listening – Listening – Reading – Reading

Group Discussion

TOEIC C – 1:1 7hours & Group 1hour

Speaking – Listening – Listening – Reading – Reading – Grammar – Writing

Group Discussion

Or the students can choose TOEIC (5 hours 1:1) + ESL FLEXIBLE (5 hours 1:1) so they will have 10 classes in total to maximize their time while they are here.

Students can also join group classes depends on their needs and level.

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