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A-Plus Advance School of English has been providing quality education to its ESL learners. It offers two kinds of curriculum, the Regular Curriculum with 5-hour man to man classes and 2-hour group classes and 5 Free Elective Classes to all levels and the Sparta Curriculum having 6-hour man to man classes and 2-hour group classes and 5 Free Elective Classes to all levels.

Being one of the longest running English Schools in Baguio City, it has already developed a good curriculum for its ESL learners in order for them to be fully equipped with the knowledge they want to learn within the span of time they are with us. Over the years, it has been giving quality education by having a very comprehensive curriculum that meets the needs of its students. Since being established, it has improved its facilities to provide a more comfortable place for its students not only for academic purposes but also for its students to relax during their free time.

Classrooms materials for both courses is updated regularly for its student to cope with the fast pace of classroom setting. In addition, teachers are trained regularly to provide quality education to their students.

The monthly program is given for the student to show their acquired skills inside their classes. Moreover, the school has a very strict policy, the English Only Policy, helping its students to improve their skills fast.

The school has 3 TESDA registrations for Beginner Level, Intermediate Level, and Advanced Level. Each level is subdivided into 3 sub-levels to cater to the students’ needs in terms of learning the English language. The minimum duration of stay in the schools is one month to a maximum of 6 months. The ESL Program runs for a minimum of 2 months consisting of 7 subjects. Each student is allotted 280 to complete the program. One hour is allotted for one subject per day for 5 days a week. A regular class consists of seven hours for 1:1 classes or tutorials and 2 hours for 1:4 group classes.

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6P Guevarra Street Western Modernsite Aurora Hill, Baguio City

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Student Demographics:

South Korean, Chinese, Japanese

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Facilities and Services

Dormitory Room (Good for  1 – 4 students) Clinic
Conference Room Gym
Audio Visual Room Recreational Center (Golf, Table Tennis)
Cafeteria Dance Area