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CARE AND SHARE INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE SCHOOL, INC. was organized to provide young ESL learners with a quality education. With its mission in the active involvement of students, teachers, staff and the community, we aim to develop self-confident learners who are academically, socially, emotionally prepared to meet the challenges of the future. We also envision that through interactive communication and active participation, JR. CNS shall be recognized as a welcoming environment by bridging gaps in culture as achieved through language and communication.

With this vision, Choice and Success International Language School was established in May 2005 and laid policies for students and teachers to the current manager of Jr. CNS.

The humble beginnings of CNS became well known to Korean students. The school was amazed when they found out that not only university and adult students came but along with them were youngsters. And this became the turning point of CNS to put up a Junior Department in 2006.

Since then, kids department had become responsive to the needs of the young second language learners and because of these; an exclusive building for Junior ESL students was then realized.

In 2007, with joy and enthusiasm, students and teachers transferred to a new building in Naguilian Road, Baguio City.

At present, Care and Share International Language School, Inc. is a premier school not only for young Koreans but also for Chinese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese who want to learn English as a Second Language.

Along with the students, the school continues to grow both in mind and heart. Korean kids reiterate that they love Jr. CNS for its quality service and they felt like it’s already their second home. With a balance in learning and leisure activities, students enjoy outdoor activities and shopping during weekends.

As to the Korean teachers, they serve as a parent to every student, since they are the ones who are taking good care, check the students’ personal hygiene, give medicines when the need for such arises. On the other hand, Filipino teachers serve as their foster parent and treat them as their own child. They are not just their language teachers but character formation is geared in becoming better individuals.

As to the Korean kids, they interact with their co-students, Filipino and Korean teachers, administrative officers, guards, auxiliary staff and driver in a friendly, kind and respectful manner. This treatment alone gives the institution and the student a strong, united bond which makes the students want to come because they felt like home.

Students are comfortable because the building is very clean and the location is very nice with a scenic view of the city of Baguio, especially at night. Also, there is a spacious playground for the students.

Therefore, all the students enjoy their stay in CNS while acquiring knowledge and experience.

General Information

Campus Address:

187 Naguilian Road, Baguio City

Phone Number:

(074) 661-6814

Student Demographics:

South Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Arab

Email Address:



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Courses offered

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Facilities and Services

Junior Care and Share International School, Inc. cater to young children. These children are leveled as Low Beginners, Beginners, Intermediate and advance. All students must take the Level Test before having a proper class. Teachers assess again the student’s capabilities before we give books. This method helps teachers know the approach or strategy they must use to educate them.

The school sees to it that teachers have enough materials to use in teaching like MP3S, MP4S, laptop and computers, projector, widescreen and school supplies. The school provides computer, a faculty, a playground and internet cables for the instructional materials of the teacher. Teachers and other staffs can freely use any these when needed.