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  • EOP Patrol: Why Speech Discipline Matters - Here is a seemingly easy question: Should a policy of English Only be put into place in the English learning environment? At HELP the answer would definitely be “Yes.”, implementing the English Only Policy is an effective way for students to fully immerse English! To begin with, allowing students to speak other languages distract them from the task of learning
  • IELTS Mock Tests - “I’m excited to take my IELTS. Are you?” “Oh my gosh today is Friday!” shouted Peter, a 28-year-old international student from China currently studying in HELP. “You sound excited about the weekend.” said Alex, his Japanese classmate. “No, I’m actually anxious about out mock tests later today!” said Peter. Part of the student’s life while studying Advance IELTS Test Course

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Longlong Campus


Martin Campus


The principal office of HELP is located in Longlong, 20 minutes away from Baguio City and caters Basic and Intermediate ESL. It is highly conducive for studying because of its peaceful ambiance and cool climate.
The first ESL Boarding School in the Philippines, HELP English Language Program holds the record as the longest-running ESL school in the country. With two campuses established in diverse locations, it caters to the needs of its different types of learners, it is a home and training ground of quality education for those who wish to become effective international communicators and top leaders on their path to success.

HELP’s Martin Campus situated only 5 minutes away from the heart of downtown Baguio City, caters to Advanced ESL, Business English, and Test Course learners. It is currently an authorized test center for the TOEFL and TOEIC Speaking and Writing and an official test venue for the IELTS and TOEIC Reading and Listening.


“We strive to lead a new generation of creative global leaders by educating and cultivating talented individuals from across the globe”.


  • To become the world’s leading school for the globalized educational program.


  • To educate, enrich and support students to become international leaders.


  • EXCELLENCE, Providing excellent education.
  • SUPPORT, assisting students to reach their full potential.
  • MOTIVATE, motivating talented individuals to develop their competence.
  • EMPOWER, Empowering creativity.

General Information

Campus Address:

Longlong Campus – Longlong-Lamtang Road La Trinidad, Benguet

Martin Campus – Martin’s Apartelle Brentwood Village, M. Roxas St., Baguio City

Phone Number:

Longlong Campus (074) 423-0899

Martin Campus (074) 423-2900

Student Demographics:

South Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Arab

Email Address:


Courses offered

Longlong Campus

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Martin Campus

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Facilities and Services

Longlong Campus Martin Campus
Dormitory Room (Good for 1 – 4 students) Dormitory Room (Good for 1 – 2 students)
Cafeteria Gym
Gym Computer Room
Audio-Visual Room IELTS Office Test Venue
Dining Hall Multi-purpose Hall
Library Clinic
Computer room Dining Hall
Multi-purpose hall
Study hall
Basketball court