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Over the years since its establishment in 2003, Monol International Education Institute has excelled in developing comprehensive curriculums to cater to the varying needs of its students, which include the goal of attaining English fluency and becoming globally competitive.

To further support its programs and courses, Monol has equipped its campus to guarantee comfort and convenience among its students and has also devised a systematic management of services, which is necessary to maintain a productive learning environment.

Further, Monol creates a healthy and balanced environment fit for ESL learners through academic activities as well as community engagement programs. Through its growing commitment to provide quality education, the academy not only strengthens its students’ foundation in the English language but also encourages them to transcend beyond what can be learned outside the classroom walls.

General Information

Campus Address:

Purok 9 Tacay Road Pinsao Proper, Baguio City

Phone Number:


Student Demographics:

South Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Middle Easterner

Email Address:

China & Taiwan

monol address

monol jpan site


Courses offered:


Facilities and Services

Dormitory Rooms:

Room for 1/2/3/4/6 students, 3+1 program

Dining hall
Basketball court Lounge
Table tennis and billiards room


Golf Driving Range Sauna
Laundry Station Coffee Shop
Yoga and Pilates room Relaxation Room