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Fam Tour 2019: JP, KR, TW Agencies Visit Monol in February

In a span of 3 weeks, three agencies of different nationalities have made their way into the Monol campus. The Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese agencies all had the opportunity to explore the different facilities and amenities of the academy. These school tours, usually called familiarization tours, happen annually. Moreover, the Baguio English Schools Association (BESA) spearheads this event. In regards

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EOP Patrol: Why Speech Discipline Matters

Here is a seemingly easy question: Should a policy of English Only be put into place in the English learning environment? At HELP the answer would definitely be “Yes.”, implementing the English Only Policy is an effective way for students to fully immerse English! To begin with, allowing students to speak other languages distract them from the task of learning

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Chinese Fam Tour in BECI

私達はBESA(Baguio English School Association)のFamiliarization tour企画を通して英語学校のマーケティングを強化できることを感謝しています。今回は中国のパートナーが訪問し、学校施設や私達の提供するサービス等を視察しました。今回も確かな成果のある訪問となり、私達は次回もまた皆さんに会えることを願っています。

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